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Re: new to the 929

Postby Matsuda9 » Fri Jun 04, 2010 12:34 pm

i think getting yank-tank would be best in your case and calling it a day... you talking some serious, serious cash to make it all work for very low returns.

why get a jap car if you don't want one.... i could never understand it, i mean it makes sense if you looking for a brute and you get a something like a civic convert to RWD and have charged LS6 or 429 or even a lumpy as fireball to run 1/4 miles and get home on a trailer, yeah ok, makes sense.... but you take a barge, you take out a smooth gearbox, motor and rear end. put very much similar items in there and spending cash doing so... sorry i don't see a point... dipping a potato in gold, just to peel it to make mash... why?

i guess everyone have their thing, if you serious about it, go for it and i hope you will succeed and we will be here to help you as much as we can

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