Victoria (australia as a whole) is it becoming a Automotive

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Victoria (australia as a whole) is it becoming a Automotive

Postby Matsuda9 » Tue May 25, 2010 11:35 am

here we have a Serious Joke that has exposed the Nanny state to the world


Lewis Hamilton charged by Australian authorities for hooning

It would seem that the only good time Lewis Hamilton had at the Australian Grand Prix was when he was actually smoking the tires of his loaner Mercedes C63 AMG. Once that burnout was complete, though, the wheels came off: Hamilton got nicked by the police under Melbourne's anti-hoon laws, had the car impounded, qualified 11th for the race and finished sixth.

And it's not over: Lewis has been officially charged by a Melbourne court with intentionally losing control of a vehicle. A summons for a court date of August 24 was given to his Australian solicitor, but with the Belgian Grand Prix taking place on August 29 the chance of his appearing on that date seems slim. If nothing else, charging a former Formula 1 world champion – and Swiss resident, to boot – is the best lesson to every non-world-champion out there who plans to visit Melbourne: Do. Not. Hoon. Hat tip to Robert


some comments revolve around the charge description: "loss of control of the vehicle"... now professional driver, that spends more time planted in a racing seat of most powerful and fastest form of motor sport loosing control of the vehicle??? is it like telling footballer he cannot kick for shit if he is kicking the ball around local park??? hhhmm.... i wonder, would this thinking go down with AFL players and followers...

i don't know, i always said that education and better roads would keep the deaths down??? teach on how not to or if it does happen how to survive the "loss of control of the vehicle"....

i grew up in communist state (yay for me)... and i swear the laws were more logical and revolved around better peoples knowledge rather than scare tactics and heavy handed politics (well, except for the anti-state conversations)

i don't know... are the things really that bad that i am reminiscing about Socialistic state with a smile on my face??? i thought we immigrated here to get away from it.... was the Communist propaganda right about Capitalistic System Of Government???

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