mazda 929 HD

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Make: mazda
Model: 929
Year: 1994
Body Code: hd

mazda 929 HD

Postby johnpili » Wed Apr 25, 2012 2:00 pm

around 216000km
v6 automatic (but it does pull, pulls harder than chuck norris) :lol:
HID from previous owner
cool duct taped, epoxy intake mod the previous owner made (it was nasty, the plastic melted and went into the throttle body)
aftermarket deck
other than that its all stock

the day i brought it home 8-)
-changed the lower control arms because it was too worn out
-installed a 12" sub with rockford fosgate amp
-was going to replace the stock steering wheel with an aftermarket one but cant find a fitting hub :cry:
-Image (the airbag is off right now lol)
-painting my rear bumper (i hit too many things in the rear to begin with)
-cleaned the nasty intake manifold (was a PITA to remove without any help from anyone)
(this is the intake now)[img][IMG][/img][/img]
-changed the front grill
-painted tail lights with nite shade
-bought a $50 rim lol the offset was low half of the rim is sticking outside the fender when i test fit it :OMG:
going back to the phil so the car will have rest :D

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