Brake Line Help Needed 89 929

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Brake Line Help Needed 89 929

Postby older929 » Sat Oct 23, 2010 6:04 pm

Hi All,

I just blew a brake line (hard-line) at the rear right. I'm looking at a set of four lines seemingly running the length of the car. I suspect two of the lines (they are a bit larger) are actually fuel lines. At the rear there is some kind of thing holding all four lines. This is where my line is leaking. Does anyone know how this mounting spacer thing is supposed to come off? It appears to be held in place by a push clip type holder, one where when you push out the center piece, the 4 plastic things can be squeezed together and the mounter device can then be popped off. I tried to tap out the center piece but it isn't moving and before I really whack it I want to make sure that this is how it comes off.

Has anyone done the hard lines in these things? Is it a ridiculously huge PITA? Car's got 160K miles, a great engine and transmission, a broken but fixable A/C and is in fair shape body-wise. I'm seriously thinking about selling it as I'm 60 years old and the cardboard on the driveway, cars on jack-stands deal is getting nearly as old as I am.

Thanks Much.

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