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MAZDA 929 HD SENTIA scale model

Posted: Thu May 14, 2015 11:30 pm
by mandl
I remember reading a post on another forum in 2014 from a guy who lamented the fact that the mainstream makers of scale model cars never bothered with the gorgeous Mazda 929 HD (Sentia in USA; Serenia in Canada).
Our loss, too, buddy.
We feel your pain.
Before they declare a planet-wide emergency, I hope you find this thread, while there's still time.

Then, about mid-2014, I stumbled across a man selling wooden car models outside Lowes Menswear in Castle Towers Shopping Centre, Castle Hill (Sydney, Australia).
Very nicely made Porche, RX7, etc.
It was his final day there so we got his business card with a view to commissioning a Mazda 929 HD model in wood.
He said it would cost around AUD100.
No biggy, seeing there was nothing else on the market at the time and hormones are people, too.
Haven't got around to that yet (the commission, not the hormones).

However, finally someone has been heeding our calls to manufacture a scale model of THE car with the most beautiful styling, ever.
In our opinion.
Maybe we are biased.
We own three of them (full size production).
In white.
Each year is represented (91, 92, 93).
Projects? Plans? Pictures?
Patience, please.
Properly proportioned Pantone paint provides perfect properties for paramount presentation.

Anyway, in our recent cyber travels on the interwebs, late November 2014 apparently saw the release of Hi-Story's Mazda 929 HD Sentia as a 1:43 scale model in various HD standard colours (white, maroon/burgundy, silver, black, etc.), true to styling.
There are currently three sellers that we located on eBay; all registered in Hong Kong.
They all appear nicely presented (the models, not necessarily the sellers, although one has 100% feedback).

We tried to make some fair and permissable offers, however they were declined so we just bought a white one anyway.
Including shipping to Australia, it was around AUD100. Well worth it, if you are also HD/Sentia mad.
Maybe we should get three - one for each of our babies (full size production; non-human).
These are just some of the silly things one does when one takes early retirement.

eBay item title is: 1 43 Hi Story GICO Model MAZDA SENTIA 30 Exclusive 1991 White #.HS098WH ... 1511608798?

Considering sharing this info and link with your other 929 nuts in countries like Oz, NZ, UK, USA, Canada, Japan, etc. where this model was welcomed and quite popular.

Have fun playing with (I mean, admiring) your new toy (I mean, mint in box collectable)!

Re: MAZDA 929 HD SENTIA scale model

Posted: Fri May 22, 2015 10:45 pm
by Matsuda9
That is a great find. HD had a few scale models from memory but they all gone, i guess some one got hold if the molds maybe, in any case we are the winners :)

also found (i think) the same but in Japan: ... TOY-000586


well well looks like HC is on that Japanese site as well (no pics) but 3 available, Black/Silver, Bugundy/gold and white/gold ... agecnt%3D1

Re: MAZDA 929 HD SENTIA scale model

Posted: Sat May 23, 2015 7:25 am
by mandl
22 May 2015 - They have arrived! They are beautiful. Now all we need to do is train a couple of appropriately proportioned entomological specimens (who are not members of a NASCAR union) to race them around our Scalextric set for our Sunday afternoon amusement. :derp: