1991 929s - beautiful condition

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Make: Mazda
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1991 929s - beautiful condition

Postby remo » Sat Jun 16, 2012 9:55 am

I recently purchased a '91 929s that has 126,000 miles and is in absolutely beautiful condition. The black paint still looks awesome. It has a tanish body cladding and a tan leather interior. I bought it from from the estate of the previous owner, who had obviously babied the car. However during the test drive I pulled over to the curb to turn on the a/c and when I began to pull away from the curb the car died and will not start now. There was no bad noise (actually the engine sounded awesome) or any other sign that the engine locked up, but that's what I've been told I have. The body is absolutely gorgeous, as is the interior with the exception of the front seats which show some wear in the leather. The trunk area and engine compartment are also unbelievably clean. The tires have full tread on them and the rims are a gorgeous honeycomb style by Mazda. The vehicle also has a sunfroof and traction control. Before I make the decision to sell this car to a salvage yard, I thought I'd try to find a Mazda 929 enthusiast who would love to have such a gorgeous car and know what to do about the engine.

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